6M RIGID RIBS New Design 6M high speed  patrol ribs equiped with  twin single outboard engine  and able to reach 46 knots. HAND CRAFTED QUALITY WITH NEW TECHNOLOGY FOR THE ULTIMATE PATROL OPERATIONS. Worksafe is new division of ARYA SHIPYARD & ARYAN BOAT. Worksafe division builds strong, reliable, secure and fast security and safety boats. WorkSafe boats build from different material according to conditions. Current WORKSAFE ranges are building from Steel, Aluminum and Polymer (HDPE). Worksafe is offering various design and equipments . Modern and Strong hull design allows our vessels to operate in tough conditions. Our new range of high performance vessels developed to reach high speed with less cost. Aryan Boat is building various types and size of crafts. Our vessels designed for different type of operations. Our goal is building most efficient vessel for market needs. We are flexible with design and equipment needs ARYAN BOAT is not only flexible with design, equipment also flexible with building material. We offer Aluminum and High Compressed Polymer (HDPE) boats. We are able to build any kind of workboat for your special working conditions. Depends on your location and weather conditions we offer the best material and best design to get the best result from your future vessel. High Compressed Polymer (HDPE) boats. Arya Shipyards recently become a partner with High Compressed Polymer (HDPE) boats Production Company SFK MARIN (2010) SFK MARIN name, changed to ARYAN BOAT as an division of Arya Shipyard. Arya Shipyard is currently investing more for building strongest and reliable boat from High Compressed Polymer (HDPE). Our experienced engineers currently changing the market needs by designing most efficient vessel. Our goal is not only building vessels with good looking!!! Our Vessels has to be strong for long term operations. Our vessels have to work when you need them. Workboat has to be strong, long lasting and cost efficient. We have a lot of experiences to fit your future vessels. WORKSAFE                    By ARYA SHIPYARD  NEWS www.aryashipyard.com DIVISION OF ARYA SHIPYARD                                             WORKSAFE 1900   WORKSAFE 800 Under-construction WORKSAFE